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Find out more about history collections and History Day

History Collections

Find out more about history collections and History Day

Special Collection & Archives, University of Liverpool Library


The University of Liverpool SC&A includes manuscripts and archives, medieval to modern; early and finely printed books, and science fiction collections.

History Day contributions

Read the Special Collections & Archives blog at: https://manuscriptsandmore.liverpool.ac.uk/

  • Blog post 1: Architect of Tomorrow: Arthur C. Clarke at the University of Liverpool (Published 16th November 2020 at midday)
    Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008) is renowned as a legend of science fiction-but he was also a pioneering futurist, whose training in mathematics and physics allowed him to make prescient forecasts for technology. This blog post introduces our online exhibit of the same title, which highlights some of the exciting material from the newly acquired Arthur C. Clarke collection.
    Link: https://manuscriptsandmore.liverpool.ac.uk/?p=6772
  • Blog post 2: The Stranger in Liverpool: Liverpool Travel Guides in Special Collections and Archives (Published 17th November 2020 at midday)
    Visiting a new geographic area, foreign to the individual traveller, can elicit responses of trepidation and joy. As such, historic travel accounts often provide interesting insights into countries and cities from “fresh” eyes. But historically it was often the help of a trusted guide, either a friend or printed text, which would lead and encourage the traveller in exploring a new world. This post will focus upon the traveller in Liverpool by exploring the printed guides of the local area in the 18th to 20th centuries.
    Link: https://manuscriptsandmore.liverpool.ac.uk/?p=6780
  • Blog post 3: Cruising to ‘New Worlds’ with Cunard (Published 18th November 2020 at midday)
    During the 1930s cruising became increasingly popular and an important revenue for Cunard. As a result the company used a variety of ways to promote travel on their ships. Using original posters from the Cunard archive we take a look at how one of the longest-serving names in shipping history promoted its services across the world.
    Link: https://manuscriptsandmore.liverpool.ac.uk/?p=6867 
  • Blog post 4: New Worlds: New Calendars (Published 19th November 2020 at midday)
    The French Revolutionaries of the 18th century and their 19th compatriot Auguste Comte wanted society to live not only by new rules but by a new calendar too. This blog post explores collections in which History Day is not Thursday 19th November, but the Revolutionary nonidi 29th Brumaire (Cormier) or the Positivist 16 (Oxenstiern) Frederic (Modern Policy).
    Link: https://manuscriptsandmore.liverpool.ac.uk/?p=6784